Ashley Anderson

Ashley AndersonChoosing a potential therapist can be an overwhelming process, so kudos to you for doing your research!

I work with individuals of all ages who are looking to explore, inquire, and work towards resolving emotional distress which has affected their daily lives in some capacity. The bulk of my clinical experience has been within the field of addiction & mental health, with the foundation of my work being holistic and client centered. My hope for every client is to provide a safe, warm, and open environment that helps to support the individuals’ personal development goals.


My work with clients is focused on supporting healthier decisions, utilizing safe emotional expression, changing maladaptive behaviors, as well as exploring and challenging interpersonal adversity. I have chosen not to focus on one particular model of therapy, but rather focus on the need of each individual, in that moment.

I believe the therapeutic dynamic is about creating a trusting environment, and my hope is to provide a mutual relationship of active listening, engagement, and self-reflection. Regardless of what brings you in the door to therapy, we can work together to provide an environment for self-exploration!

Please feel free to fill out a the Contact Form on the site and I will return your inquiry as soon as possible. As well, you can also email me at